"The most fun I've ever packed into a week. Better than summer camp ever was!"
--Steve David, New York, N.Y.
Butch Cassidy Days: A gay week in the mountains (trip logo)
Enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery of the Tetons, while meeting other gay men and lesbians.
Watch the earth recede below as a hot air balloon gently carries you aloft. Climb a rock face that just hours ago looked impossible. Paddle furiously as your inflated raft bucks through a surge of whitewater. Canoe across a lake, while a bald eagle watches from a nearby tree. Hike amidst a field of red, yellow, blue, purple, pink, and white wildflowers. Swim in a sparkling mountain lake. 
The Teton mountains of Wyoming, just south of Yellowstone, are arguably America's most spectacular mountain range. Rising abruptly from the valley of Jackson Hole, they punctuate the sky, fill the mountain lakes with their reflection, and stir the spirit of everyone who sees them. And they offer the perfect backdrop for a week of gay and lesbian outdoor adventures.
If you're looking for a vacation that combines new experiences and spectacular scenery, meeting other gay men and lesbians, and just some time to relax, we invite you to join us here.

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