"Warm and gracious people, delicious food and stunning jungle vistas. Thailand is a country of great contrasts. My Honah Lee vacation was simply amazing."
--Peter Chace, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Honah Lee: Gay adventure travel in Thailand (trip logo)

Discover four corners of Thailand, with a small, friendly gay group.

Thailand is a diverse country with an exciting past. Bejeweled Buddhist temples from vanished eras speckle the cities, while the countryside offers every landscape imaginable.

Our carefully-designed route trip takes us to four distinct regions of gay-friendly Thailand. We begin in Bangkok, amidst exquisite temples ablaze with a rainbow of colorful mirrored tiles. By night, the adventurous can explore the city's fabled gay nightlife, or simply relax over a long dinner of spicy Thai cuisine.

From Chiang-Mai, Thailand's ancient former capital, set among the misty mountains of the north, a three-day trek takes us into remote tribal villages, untouched by electricity or telephone, and a chance to meet people whose way of life seems frozen by time.

Then we head to southern Thailand. Swing from a vine and splash into the river. Sea kayaking amongst the cave-studded islands of the Andaman Sea off the coast of Phuket. These limestone islands are riddled with hidden tunnels and openings; our guides know just when the tides will allow us to squeeze though a narrow passage, into a hidden lagoon.

At each stop, you can count on a warm welcome from the people who have given Thailand its nickname, "The Land of Smiles".

The shared activities on this Thailand adventure make it easy to get to know others in our small group. It's also easy to meet the Thais, many of whom speak good English, and are eager to meet visitors from abroad.

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