"I did things on Wild Kiwi that I never imagined I'd do - such a wonderful assortment of activities at a comfortable pace. I'm ready to do it all over again!" --Harvey Zuckman, Minneapolis, Minn.
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From the kayaks to the bungy jump, every day brings a new adventure.

Step off a bridge high above a river, with nothing to save you except an over-sized rubber band. Listen to the crackle of Fox Glacier, as you take a giant step over a bottomless blue crevass. Pull your kayak ashore and sprawl out on a golden sandy beach.

New Zealand offers endless natural splendor. Two weeks isn't enough time to see it all, but you'll make a good start -- and you'll have a great time, as you meet gay men and lesbians who share your love of the outdoors.

On this unforgettable trip, we'll become a part of New Zealand's natural wonders as we try out the myriad adventure sports that this friendly country offers. In Kaikoura, snorkel amidst hundreds of dusky dolphins, as they entertain you with their acrobatics. Rappel through a waterfall, deep in a winding canyon, in Wanaka. Take your first paragliding lesson, in tandem with a trained pilot, above the mountain lake of Queenstown. And, of course, there's that bungy jump.

Now you know why New Zealand is considered the adventure capital of the world. If you'd like your next vacation to be truly memorable, we invite you to join us there.

A bungy jump from the bridge near Queenstown where this sport got its start

There's no better way to meet gay men and women who share your interests, than a vacation that highlights the activities you'll find exciting.

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