"What a great time! I never imagined I would have this much fun, such great diving, wonderful new friends - even a kiss or two. Thanks! I look forward to my next Alyson Adventure."
--Mike S. Roberts, Fayetteville, Ark.
Sea Squirts: A gay dive boat vacation (trip logo)
Up to five dives a day, with plenty of time left to enjoy good food, good company, and the calm, Caribbean breezes.
Under the waters of the Caribbean (just like on the streets of New York) different creatures come out at night. Caught in the rays of your light, you'll spot new fish, new colors.

You don't need to be on our live-aboard boat to enjoy night diving, but it sure is easier! Daytime dives are easier, too. There's no gear to haul, no boat to wait for. Just put a place-marker in the novel you were reading, pull on your gear, and take that giant stride into the water.

For gay scuba divers, of course, a week on a liveaboard boat brings the possibility of a week with divers who don't entirely welcome you. That's why we offer dive trips specifically for the gay community. Join us here in the Caribbean, as we sail to the islands of Saba, St. Kitts, and Statia.

Far less visited than resort destinations such as the Bahamas, these unspoiled islands and the reefs around them are easily enjoyed from a liveaboard boat. Enjoy up to five dives a day, at depths ranging from 20 to 120 feet. When you're not diving, join new friends to explore the colonial forts, fragrant rainforests, and gingerbread villages of these three tiny islands.

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